WA 5 Day Lockdown

Perth has gone into a five- day lockdown as of 6pm Sunday January 31st, 2021. Its business as usual for Transitainer WA, but we understand many non-essential businesses might be closed. Should you be expecting any deliveries within this period and your business is not open to take delivery, please contact the office immediately or email Lauren directly (laurenc@transitainerwa.com.au) to make arrangements.

Please also be reminded Chinese New Year for 2021 is almost upon us, commencing February 11th  .During this time most Chinese suppliers and agents will close for the holiday season. It is critically important that we receive all documentation as soon as possible and well before the date of business closures, to avoid any lengthy delays and costs should your cargo be delayed at the border here in Australia.
Please ensure that your suppliers are aware of the documents you require from them before the closures and that you as an importer have everything you need to clear your cargo, including express/telex release and documents which might prevent release here in Australia.

On a final note, 2021 has started the same way we left 2020!.  Container shortages, space on vessels is tight, delays at load port, extreme delays at transhipment ports and to top it off sky high ocean freight rates. We are continuing to work with our network of global partners and shipping lines to best service you, our valued clients.  We ask that you factor in such delays and price increase when placing orders.
Landside in Australia we are up against lengthy delays at terminals for container collections, similarly at empty container parks for empty returns and trucks being redirected or turned away as the empty container parks are full. Shipping lines are also reducing the number of free days for the container return, therefore incurring demurrage. We will continue to work with each customer case by case and offer our full support to ensure costs and delays are minimized but unfortunately these are out of our control.

We are doing all we can to keep you updated and informed and to ensure you are receiving the best possible service in such chaotic conditions.

We thank you for your continued support.