Trade Compliance

At Transitainer, we don’t just handle the day to day movement and clearance of your freight. We also offer Trade Compliance Consulting! 

Did you know that under section 183A of the Australian Customs Act, the importer, or owner of the goods is principally responsible for all declarations made to Australian Border Force? Even if that declaration was made on their behalf by a licensed Customs Broker! 

Whilst a licensed customs broker has the experience and knowledge required to understand the various regulations that exist with border clearance, they are not responsible for the accuracy of information submitted once formally declared. In fact a broker simply acts as the conduit between the importer and Australian Border Force. 

The penalties and strict liability offences that exist in our modern International trading environment can be daunting to say the least. The result of a false or misleading declaration, even if it was not intentional, can be disastrous and potentially have a serious impact on a business moving forward. This is why it is essential that as an importer of goods into Australia, you stay informed!    

But regulatory compliance is only one piece of the complex puzzle. There are also several trade remedy schemes that are often overlooked at the time of clearance and can save business’s a substantial amount in duties and taxes at the border. 

Our Trade Compliance consultant has almost 20 years experience in the industry, has a diploma in International Trade Facilitation and is a fully licensed and accredited Customs Broker. That’s why we are in a unique position to be able to provide qualified trade compliance advice in addition to day to day customs clearance services!  

Below are just some of the Trade Compliance Services we offer: 


Customs Tariff and Classification


Customs Duty and Indirect Tax


Post Entry Audits


Free Trade Agreements (FTA)


Department of Agriculture and the Environment


Anti-Dumping Measures and Investigations


Prohibited Goods Regulations (such as Asbestos)


National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Advisory Scheme

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