The 2018/2019 Holiday Season Begins!

The 2018/2019 Holiday Season Begins!


A Word From Our Director

“As next week sees the beginning of what many officially call the holiday season, we appreciate and acknowledge the busiest upturn in volume seen in 5 years. Nevertheless we will still be working hard to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. In light of the many closures and skeletal staffing arrangements across the industry, our team is hoping to have everything in place to help minimise the impact on our customers. Most importantly the factors which can result in heavy and costly delays in obtaining release and delivery of goods from cargo terminals and operators. I’d like to formally thank once again, our valuable customers for their support throughout 2018 and onward to 2019. It is our customers that we have to thank for our 9 years of service in this industry as well as our fantastic team here at Transitainer WA that make it all possible. Have a safe and Merry Xmas and a happy new year!” – Kelly Crossley / Director. 


Please work with our team to ensure we have all necessary commercial documentation on hand prior to the end of this week. This will significantly reduce the potential for delays during the Xmas period. Please also ensure that telex release arrangements have been made as this will ensure we are able to collect your cargo from the terminal in the absence of physical documentation. Whilst we do all that we can to accommodate our customers, we can not be held responsible for late or incomplete documentation which will almost certainly result in delays in the clearance or delivery process. The impact could be costly, thus it is in our customers absolute best interests that we stress this point of importance.

Post Season Congestion

As with any other holiday season, it takes some time for the industry to catch up with the backlog. Whilst some businesses are closed, the international service delivery schedule does not and vessels and aircraft continue to arrive on our shores with cargo. It typically takes until mid to end of January to clear much of this congestion. Please work with us as we navigate through through any potential congestion and understand that we will do everything that we can to uphold our service delivery standards to assist our customers.

Border Clearance Implications During the Holiday Period

Quite often change is synonymous with the beginning of a new year. The Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) or formerly known as Australian Customs or DIBP, have announced some legislative amendments to commence both on December 30th and January 1st. With the introduction of the TPP-11 (see yesterday’s post) and both import and export tariff classification amendments, these legislative changes will be implemented at a time when most industry participants are on holidays or at a reduced capacity.

Furthermore, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, formerly known as Australian Quarantine or AQIS, are facing several challenges of their own as they work to contain the wide spread brown marmorated stink bug issue, as well as technical system and staffing issues. Again whilst this makes it a very challenging time for industry participants, we are working hard to ensure we minimise the impact to our customers.

The import border clearance environment is complex at best but know that our customs broker and experienced team are working to ensure that our customers will be kept up to date with any changes as they unfold.

Reminder Of Office Hours Over Xmas 

Please note below dates and closure times, however some members of our team will be on call either through email or mobile phone.

  • Xmas Eve             12 noon
  • Xmas Day             Closed
  • Boxing Day           Closed


  • New Years Eve     12 Noon
  • New Years Day     Closed


Kelly Crossley, Director                              0419 838 928 /

Neil McLagan, Customs Broker                 0451 778 928 / 

Ed Hellsten, Business Development         0419 888 459 / 


Once again, from all of the team here at Transitainer WA, please have a safe and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. We look very much forward to seeing you again in 2019.