Patrick weight amendment fee for Import Containers

Patrick Terminals at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle will be introducing a weight amendment fee for import containers (see enclosed link to the Patrick notice).

The notice reads that this fee will apply to import containers that have a weight variance of greater than one metric tonne than the documented weight (presumably as featured on the CWD).

For those import container with such a variance (under or over), a charge of $230 plus GST per container shall apply, with this charge to be levied onto the carrier.

Whilst Transitainer supports the importance of accurate CWD information, this charge is yet another example of Australia’s stevedores charging what whatever they want, whenever they want and continues a stealth path of introducing new fees/imposts onto industry.

We are pleased to hear Industry body, IFCBAA will be protesting the introduction of this fee to the NSW State Government, TFNSW and the ACCC.

Its Imperative that shippers understand the Importance of accurate container weight declarations to avoid these hefty charges Patricks plan to Impose should weights not be accurate as mentioned.