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Kelly Crossley Expressed Her Concern Over Supply Chain Crisis

Kelly Crossley Expressed Her Concern Over Supply Chain Crisis

Kelly Crossley, the proud owner of Transitainer WA, recently featured in ‘WA Today’ wherein she shed some crucial insights on the supply chain crisis looming for WA. She stated the US tariffs on Chinese imports are impacting the number of available containers and ships, consequently enhancing congestion in major ports such as Fremantle and Singapore.

The US has imposed severe tariffs on Chinese imports and to beat the August 1 deadline for new tariffs, Chinese exporters are in a huge rush to get their products to the US. She adds that this crisis would amplify in the months that lead to Christmas therefore, the consumers are likely to experience higher prices, delivery delays and empty shelves.

The traditional peak season time has not begun, however carriers are already announcing implementing a PSS ( Peak Season Surcharge ). Some carriers have already advised to expect a PSS of USD500 per TEU and a GRI on top of this. Some countries are also already experiencing a shortage of Empty containers and depletion of space on vessels.

We strongly recommend booking your shipments as early as possible. Early bookings will significantly improve chances of securing space and ensuring access to empty equipment.

She has already started preparing her customers for a rough ride to better combat the situation. And she feels that booking your shipments as early as possible is best.

To know more read the complete article below.

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