Increased Landside Charges


Patrick Terminals Increase in Infrastructure Surcharges and New Side-loader Access Fee 
Patrick Terminals have announced their landside charges which includes an increase in the Infrastructure fee and the introduction of a side loader access fee.
The increased charges will reflect in your transport charges effective
March 1st, 2021.
The Access fee will now be across the board with DP World already having in place.

Empty Containers Parks at Capacity
Sydney is still struggling with Empty Container parks being at full capacity. Containers are at times being redirected back to the terminals on a case-by-case scenario. Please be advised should containers be redirected to the terminal additional fees are incurred by the transport operator at which time will be passed on. Unfortunately, these fees will incur an additional Invoice raised by Transitainer at such time.

We understand these are difficult times with Importers already facing high freight rates and other additional charges out of our control.  We are in regular contact and support of our Industry bodies advocating for government Intervention and regulation.