What is a Parcel Post entry? 

When goods are purchased from overseas and sent via parcel post and exceed the $1000 customs value threshold, they are held by Australian Border Force. A notice is typically then sent to the addressed owner of those goods, with a request to submit a formal import declaration.

This can seem confusing to the everyday individual who might not understand the requirements. Luckily, we do and can help. 

Welcome to our online Parcel Post Clearance service!


Why use our Parcel Post Clearance Service?  

Australian Border Force are responsible for border compliance and collection of taxes and revenue owing to certain imported goods prescribed under the Customs Act 1901. Whilst there anyone can submit an import declaration, goods which are not declared correctly, can result in a person being either prosecuted or issued a severe penalty.

With years of knowledge and expertise, we strongly recommending seeking the advice of a professional and licensed customs broker to assist in submitting any import declaration.

We provide a simple, fast and efficient solution, to making sure you remain compliant with the legislation as well as paying the correct amount of taxes if applicable. 


How our Parcel Post Clearance Service Works! 

We understand that in the current online trading environment, there is a growing demand for overseas goods and services, particularly by individuals, thus why we are offering a simple and cost effective service to assist.

Simply send us the following documents via our upload system below:

1.The parcel post notice issued by Australia Post

2. The commercial invoice or receipt for purchase

3. A copy of your photo identification 

Once we have received your completed application and you have agreed to our terms and conditions, we will contact you with anything further that might be required. Once lodged and we have a response from Australian Border Force, we will issue you our invoice (including any duties and taxes applicable) and upon receipt of full payment, will finalise your declaration.

Once finalised, your goods will automatically re-enter into the Australia Post mailing system the following business day.   


What Does It Cost? 

When taking into account the total cost to have your goods cleared and delivered, we have outlined what to expect from Australian Border Force, as well as our costs below. 

Customs Broker eService Cost

Express (within 2 hours) $145 + GST

Standard (within 24 hours) $99 + GST 


Australian Border Force

Import Processing Charge (Entry fee) $50

Duties & Taxes per goods tariff classification 

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Parcel Post Clearance

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For other convenient and simple payment options, such as direct deposits, please contact our accounts team

** Please note surcharge of 2.3% applies to credit card payments 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of goods can I declare?

A. Goods purchased overseas with a customs value of $1000+ and shipped to Australia via parcel post 

Q. How long does the process usually take?

A. We have two service options available. An express option within 2 hours, or a standard option within 24 hours


Q. How much duty and taxes might I likely pay?

A. This will depend on the complex classification process and determined on the goods you are importing to Australia. Our Customs Broker would be happy to advise prior to making any commitment. Please call (08) 9350 5173 

Q. How will my goods be delivered?

A. Once finalised, Australian Border Force automatically place your goods back into the Australia Post mailing system. 


Q. Can I track the delivery of my item?

A. Absolutely, once the parcel has been cleared, you can track your parcel with Australia Post directly here 

Q. How long does it take to have my goods delivered?

A. Once finalised by Australian Border Force, this is as per the Australia Post delivery guidelines

Q. How do I pay for the service?

A. You can pay via cash, credit card, direct bank transfer or by calling one of our friendly team (08) 9350 5173