December News

December News!


We believe in connecting with our customers on a personal level, not just servicing them. 2018 has as per the last few years, been a challenging economic and compliance environment but one like always, we have managed to navigate our way through successfully. We owe much of that success to the key people that matter to us the most – YOU and our valuable team who make it all work! As we work together we believe in achieving an outcome that we feel is a product of both a personalised approach and good old fashioned service. Transitainer remain a grass roots local West Australian owned business and we won’t sacrifice our ethics or our morals in favour of simply competing with our opposition. It’s our attention to these factors that we think are integral to our success story and we thank you, our loyal customers for your support all the way through – Kelly Crossley, Director 


Peak Season

Please note that as a consequence of the peak season rates continue to increase. Spaces are of course also very restricted with most carriers, however by booking with us as soon as possible you may improve the possibility of securing space at the load port within your preferred time frame. We do however express caution that due to congestion, containers are being rolled onto a later vessel quite often and we advise our customers to expect delays. We will always aim to keep you updated throughout.


Port, Stevedore and Transport Issues

Although we aim in all cases to deliver your valuable cargo as soon as possible, please note that we do encounter (especially at this time of year) challenges which forego our capacity to collect your cargo in the expected time frames. Industrial action, stop work meetings and terminal software issues are all common issues that can affect the collection and delivery of cargo.

For example just last week, DP World in Sydney was closed as a result of industrial action. We were also advised of a nationwide 1-Stop issue, which is ultimately the system terminal operators use to check status and release cargo. Patrick Stevedores in Brisbane also advised of a stop work meeting coming on December 6th which will also result in significant delays. We appreciate your patience during these times, but please know we are doing all we can to navigate around these challenges which are ultimately issues outside of our control.


Documentation – Timing Matters!

Whilst we do appreciate the challenging environment that is International Trade, we also advise our customers to provide documentation as early as possible. It is not unusual for our Customs Broker and operations team to work at least 7 days ahead of schedule and for good reason. Working this far ahead allows us to foresee and allow for potential issues that may arise and work to resolve them prior to the arrival of that vessel. The closer to arrival or later that we receive documentation, the greater the risk that we may not be able to respond to an issue in enough time to avoid heavy delays and or penalties as a result of late clearance. Please ensure you can provide commercial documentation to us in full as early as possible to avoid potential issues. Furthermore, please ensure Original bills or telex releases are organised in a timely manner in order to save shipments being delayed on delivery.


Xmas and Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

It’s that time of year again and of course with that, we must be prepared and organised to minimise the disruption to services and deliveries. Can you please advise us as soon as possible of your Xmas and Holiday Season operating ours and closures, as well as emergency contact details for anyone managing deliveries and cargo over this time. It will help us do what we can to work with you as best as we can in making sure everything runs smoothly.



Managing accounts is a challenging and difficult role as we’re confident any business would understand. Whilst we always try to help facilitate our customers within the agreed terms, we’d like to make mention as a gentle reminder to attempt to keep your accounts with us up to date, especially over the Xmas period. Note that when most businesses are closed over the Xmas period. we continue to operate and disburse funds which makes it a challenging ledger to keep balanced, especially as duties and taxes must be paid before cargo may be released. We kindly ask that you review your accounts in advance, again especially prior to Xmas and be sure they are kept up to date. Note that we also accept credit card payments.


Transitainer – Projects and Break Bulk Specialists!

Did you know that Transitainer have a wealth of experience, knowledge and ability to service your project or break bulk needs? As an example, we recently just successfully  facilitated 3 x 40’ Mafi Loads for Lyttelton where the cargo was over length. We were yet again entrusted by one of our VIP Customers to find the best solution for the over length cargo weighing in at just over 93 tonnes. Partnered with our professional agents and friends in New Zealand, Global Destination Forwarding, we confidently handled the entire process, delivering to site in NZ.  No project is too big or small…

Both Kelly Crossley and Ed Hellsten have depth of knowledge and experience in this area and are more than enthusiastic about taking new enquiries. Out of gauge (OOG) cargo is not something that every service provider can handle and it really pays to have someone confident in making the right decisions for you in this area. Ed also has an MSIC card which is crucial for supervising activities on the terminal itself.


Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Update

It’s certainly been a challenging time with respect to the 2018 – 2019 brown marmorated stink bug season. So far there have been many onshore discoveries of the pest, as well as vessel turn arounds, forcing the Department of Agriculture to respond with tightened provisions and strict measures.

Some carriers have also responded with refusal to load and banning of cargo from high risk countries, or containing target or target high risk goods.

We have also recently received advice that until further notice, the entire port of La Spezia in Italy has been banned for loading to Australia. We will of course keep you updated as this continues to unfold, but for now, we cannot take any bookings from that port.

Due to the pest being particularly elusive and having a propensity to breed whilst in transit, it proves significantly challenging to ensure we keep this from our shores.


Transitiner Xmas Party!

Last weekend was the inaugural Transitainer team Xmas Party, where the team were treated to an amazing night out at Blue Water Grill in Heathcote. A great night was had by all of our hard working team and here are some photos of the night.

First Photo from Left to Right: Neil McLagan(Customs Broker), Rebecca Hellsten(Ed’s Wife), Ed Hellsten(Projects), Kelly Crossley (Director), Lauren Cowan (Transport), Cara Johnson(Neil’s Partner), Sarah Mullins (Accounts/Operations), Kelly Thomas(Customer Service/Sales), Brad Thomas(Kelly’s Husband).  


Our Customs Broker Neil Setting New Goals After Recovering From Horror Crash!

Just less than a month after returning from his epic ride from Perth to Sydney solo, our Customs Broker Neil McLagan sadly had a very serious crash on his bike resulting in him being just moments away from losing his life at the scene. However Neil was very lucky and has worked hard on focusing on not only recovering from the accident, but using the experience to his advantage…..The West Australian Newspaper publishing an article just this weekend, describing how he has remarkably bounced back and has been able to turn his experience into something positive. Read the full article here 


Transitiner Xmas Operating Hours

Please note below dates and closure times, however some members of our team will be on call either through email or mobile phone.

  • Xmas Eve             12 noon
  • Xmas Day             Closed
  • Boxing Day           Closed


  • New Years Eve     12 Noon
  • New Years Day     Closed


Kelly Crossley, Director                              0419 838 928 /

Neil McLagan, Customs Broker                 0451 778 928 / 


Staff Spotlight

At Transitainer, our most valuable asset other than our loyal customers of course, is our people. We tend not to refer to them as our ‘staff‘ but as ‘people‘ who form a very valuable part of our operation. These are the same people that work hard with dedication, pride and with a sense of accountability, taking an approach to handling your cargo very personally. We couldn’t be more grateful for having each of them on board.

For the next few editions of our newsletter, we will share a little segment as a staff member spotlight on each of them so you can get to know a little bit more about each of them.

This month we’ll start with our longest standing team member, specialising in Operations and Accounts, Sarah Mullins. We took five minutes to ask Sarah a few questions about her experience being a valuable part of our team.

TTWA – How long have you worked at Transitainer? Sarah – “5 years in February (can I claim that already haha)”

TTWA – What’s your favourite thing about working for Transitainer? “Our amazing Director and the team/family environment she works so hard to encourage.

TTWA – What do you enjoy the most about your role? Sarah – “The diversity, I am never bored as there is always something new to learn”

TTWA – What’s particularly challenging about your role? Sarah –  “Coordinating and prioritising the various aspects as a results of the diversity of my role”

Sarah’s Fun fact: “I make and sell Macramé pieces in my spare time”


Please have a Merry Xmas and a safe and wonderful New Year and we look forward to your business in 2019.