Customs Brokerage & Border Clearance

Transitainer WA is an experienced corporate licensed Customs Brokerage and we offer a full range of border clearance services. Our in house nominee Customs Broker has almost 20 years experience in the industry, with almost 15 as a licensed Customs Broker. We are able to advise on even the most complex of scenarios and can assist in making sure you remain compliant with all relevant Government Organisations whilst efficiently clearing your goods across the border. 

Our brokerage services include (but are not limited to):

• Electronic lodgement of import declarations to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (formerly Australian Customs and Border Protection Service)
• Clearance of all modes of transport, including sea, break bulk, bulk, air and parcel post
• Electronic lodgement of documents to Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Formerly Australian Quarantine Inspection Service)
• Valuation assessments and ascertaining the correct customs value for duty and tax purposes
• Tariff classification, as well as concessional instruments and other duty relief tariff schemes such as free trade and intergovernmental agreements
• Facilitating onsite Customs and Biosecurity inspections
• In depth advice regarding regulatory legislation
• Landed costing reports
• Achieving all valuation, tariff and origin rulings in support of information presented to customs.

Our Customs Broker has also acquired the experience and complex knowledge and specializes in the following fields:

• Food (including Cheese quotas and Alcoholic beverages)
• Motor Vehicles
• Oil and Gas / Mining
• Primary produce, plant and animal materials
• Machinery and large scale plant equipment

To find out more today contact;

Kelly Crossley

Phone: 08 9350 5173