Customs & Tariff Consultancy

Transitainer (WA) Pty. Ltd. Customs & Tariff Consultancy Service. Take a closer look at the cost recovery and concessional schemes available

TRANSITAINER (WA) Pty. Ltd. Customs Brokerage service is complimented by the addition of our Customs & Tariff consultancy service. Our Customs Broker/Consultant has over 15 years experience and possesses the in depth knowledge required to assess your transaction history for accuracy as well as your business’ eligibility for future concessional schemes, which may be a significant cost saving over time.

In the currently challenging economic climate, cost recovery can be a critical saving for any businesses. Duty and taxes overpaid are often frequently overlooked and can be assessed by our consultant as a potential return.

Our consultant can provide at no obligation to you, an initial duty and tax consultancy review to assess whether your previous duty and tax payments are correct. This may result in a refund of any duties and taxes overpaid and if this is the case, our consultant will quote a small negotiable commission based on the potential value of your return. Our consultant may also discuss the wide range of concessional schemes available that your business may not have taken advantage of or be aware of, which may be another significant cost saving to your business.

Our Consultancy Service Includes


Tariff Audit Service

  • Review of your current inventory database
  • Comprehensive inventory reporting and duty and tax expenditure analysis
  • Thorough review for discrepancies and accurate assessment for potential duty/tax cost recoveries or future savings

Tariff Advice Applications

  • Where interpretive uncertainties arise, obtain ruling from Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for firm classification of your goods
  • Valid for 5 years and legally binding
  • Protection against interpretive challenges

Tariff Consultancy

  • Tariff classification advice based on detailed assessment of your imported goods
  • Regulatory advice including possible prohibitions, permits and approvals required
  • Duty and taxation assessments including GST, WET, LCT and excise

Tariff Concession Order (TCO) Applications

  • Supporting international trade where no substitutable goods are produced or capable of being produced in Australia
  • Reduces the general rate of duty to FREE in most cases where approved

Duty Drawback Applications

  • Drawback of duties under specific conditions where goods are eligible, such as re-exported goods not having been used within Australia within a specific time frame

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Review & Advice

  • Australia is a signatory to several free trade agreements
  • Preferential (reduced duty) tariff rates may be applicable
  • Advice on documentary requirements
  • Origin application rulings

Valuation Review & Advice Applications

  • Define the correct ‘customs value’ as per the legislation has been applied to your goods
  • Where there has/is uncertainty, obtain ruling from Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for firm valuation ruling
  • Ruling valid for 5 years

To find out more today contact;

Neil McLagan
Customs Broker & Consultant

Phone: 08 9350 5173