Congestion and extensive delays cause chaos in China

The coronavirus outbreak in China has been at the top of news headlines for weeks now and for valid reasons. Not only is it causing a wide spread hazard to human health, it has also had a huge commercial and economic impact, not only in China, but on a global scale. 

As per our previous posts, the Chinese authorities responded to the outbreak by extending the Chinese New Year holiday period, keeping businesses closed and people at home in an attempt to contain the number of infections. However even although many of those businesses are now returning to work, the huge backlog as a result of those closures is more than transport operators have the capacity to cope with and the congestion is creating chaos on the ground level.  

We have been in daily communication with our customers, as well as Chinese agents and suppliers in an attempt to collect bookings already made in China. However with several vessel delays and blank sailings, combined with a severe shortage of trucks, we are being advised of heavy delays which are likely to last not just weeks, but months!!!!

We wish to advise all of our customers and agents that we are doing everything we can and appreciate your understanding. We ask that you factor in these potential delays when booking your cargo and take into consideration that there may be lengthy delays which are outside of our control. We will make every attempt to keep you informed as much as we can and hope that the backlog clears sooner rather than later. 

To our friends in China, we wish you the best of health and sincerely hope we see the spread of this virus come to an end soon. 

If you have any further enquiries regarding the situation in China, please do give us a call on (08) 9350 5173.