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Suez Canal – Blockage !

  As you may already be aware, the Suez Canal passage is currently blocked to vessels in both directions. A container ship operated by Evergreen Marine was knocked off course by strong winds and a sandstorm early Tuesday March 23. We understand some 150 Ships are...

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Urgent Measures to protect against Khapra Beetle

Khapra beetle and its risk to Australia Khapra beetle is Australia’s number two National Priority Plant Pest and the number one plant priority pest for grains. It is not present in Australia, but it is a highly invasive pest that poses a major threat to...

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Ocean freight rates set to increase after Chinese New Year

The Question on everyone’s lips. Shippers face many more months of inflated freight rates, as ocean carriers show no sign of easing their strategy of keeping capacity tight and favouring high-paying spot cargo.  Full Story here: Rates misery for ocean...

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Increased Landside Charges

  Patrick Terminals Increase in Infrastructure Surcharges and New Side-loader Access Fee  Patrick Terminals have announced their landside charges which includes an increase in the Infrastructure fee and the introduction of a side loader access fee. The...

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WA 5 Day Lockdown

Perth has gone into a five- day lockdown as of 6pm Sunday January 31st, 2021. Its business as usual for Transitainer WA, but we understand many non-essential businesses might be closed. Should you be expecting any deliveries within this period and your business...

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Yikes ! More Strikes

Please be advised we have received advice about upcoming industrial action once again ! The MUA has listed the below dates and locations.   Tues 12 Jan 0001hrs until Fri 15 Jan 2359hrs Tues 19 Jan 0001hrs until Fri 22 Jan 2359hrs Tues 26 Jan 0001hrs until...

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2020 What a Year to Remember !!

“COVID-19! Pandemic! Unprecedented! All terms that have become the daily norm and synonymous with 2020. According to Merriam-Webster and – ‘pandemic’ has been named word of the year and Oxford Dictionary has reported a surge in it’s...

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No toys for Xmas!?

An interesting article about the very real and stark situation for Christmas shoppers this season. The supply chain is critical for Australians and this year that same supply chain is compromised in many more ways than one.  The questions beg to be asked. What...

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