ABF Goods Compliance Update – August 2018

As a part of Transitainer WA’s ongoing commitment to border security and goods compliance, we would like to encourage our customers to read the Australian Border Force (Dept. Home Affairs) Goods Compliance Report. The report is typically issued 3-4 times per calendar year and is an important document published by the department in an effort to help raise industry awareness of compliance activities.

This most recent report highlights the most common areas of non-compliance, such as transfer pricing and date of valuation (correct date of export), two things we have focussed on with importers previously. Furthermore, the document also highlights where the department shall increase monitoring and border processing interventions in an effort to strengthen compliance, such as free trade agreements (preferential arrangements), supply chain integrity (reporting of suppliers) and asbestos due dilligence.

If you are engaged in international trade activities, we would urge you to read these compliance reports to help gain an understanding as the principal entity, of the departments approach to compliance.

You can view the ABF’s most recent report here and if you have any questions, our Customs Broker, Neil McLagan is always more than happy to assist.