2020 What a Year to Remember !!

“COVID-19! Pandemic! Unprecedented! All terms that have become the daily norm and synonymous with 2020.

According to Merriam-Webster and dictionary.com – ‘pandemic’ has been named word of the year and Oxford Dictionary has reported a surge in it’s use by 57,000 per cent, making it the most used word this year!! 

But in turn, it’s also a year where the global supply chain has been placed under more pressure than ever before. Daily and complex challenges that we have never faced. Congestion like we have never seen.

With no clear end or immediate solution in sight, we are urging our clients to please embrace this new norm and plan ahead to avoid greater impacts on their business. 

As an organisation, we are immensely proud at what we have achieved in overcoming many of these challenges and will continue to work tirelessly to keep your freight moving and uphold our service.

It takes an army of good people and businesses who have the same level of passion and dedication as we have, to get to where we are now. We won’t give up and we know as our loyal customers, you won’t either.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our partners both global and domestic, who have worked with us and continue to deliver quality services in such tumultuous conditions.

Our team at Transitainer is what makes our dream possible. Their commitment is beyond admirable and truly awe inspiring. The adaptations, new procedures and contingencies put in place to enable us to continue to provide an outstanding service to our customers has been nothing short of amazing.

Id like to offer a sincere thankyou to our clients who year after year  “Trust Your Cargo to Transitainer”. This year in the most uncertain of times, you have laid more faith and trust in us, than ever before. We are humbled and will continue to work in an honest and ethical approach to business as always. Thank you for the support through the toughest year yet and we look forward to 2021.