We’ve Had A Few Staff Changes 

As some of you may already know, Kylie Trantino is no longer working with Transitainer WA.  We wish Kylie all the best in her future endeavors. Please note that this will not affect our high standards of service that we aim to deliver to our customers and that Lauren and Sarah are handling all of your transport requirements as we speak.  We do ask that as a result of this change, if you could please send all transport emails to the new email address – transport@transitainer.biz

Peak Season Issues Continue

Please note that vessel space allocations are still tight and as such, rates are also still increasing in what has been a very busy period. With the fast approaching Chinese New Year, we wish to remind you to consider these potential factors when when placing future orders.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) BMSB – Heightened Measures!!

As a result of several recent findings, the Department Of Agriculture and Water Resources have heightened measures for goods departing from the USA and Italy, as well as other various European destinations. Please note that at this stage, all containers and break bulk cargo not treated by an approved BMSB treatment provider and with a valid certificate, WILL be subject to treatment upon arrival here in Australia. Please see the BMSB webpage here for more information http://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/before/pests/brown-marmorated-stink-bugs/season-measures

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Brown marmorated stink bug

Exotic to Australia

Life form: Insect
Origin: East Asia
Distribution: East Asia, North America and Europe
Features: Shield shape, adults are mottled reddish-brown,
white bands on antennae, legs, and rear margin of body
Pathways: Hitchhiker on imported goods, vessels and aircrafts
At risk: Over 300 agricultural and ornamental plants​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Brown marmorated stink bugs pose a high biosecurity risk to Australia because of their tendency to hitchhike, highly mobile nature and the lack of effective lures.

If it established in Australia, this pest would be extremely difficult and expensive to manage, partly due to its broad host range. Preventing an incursion in the first place is a high priority for government and industry, and we need your help.

Safe Loading

This serves as a timely reminder on safely loading your containers and loads onto transport vehicles.

Coastal Service

ANL have announced  they are reinstating coastal service from Brisbane to Fremantle (via SYD). The service will operate on a fortnightly basis. The first sailing is mid February. Please contact our office should you have any coastal Inquiries.

Documentation Requirements 

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you as an importer, to ensure you have made the arrangements in advance to receive all documents required to clear your goods upon arrival. This isn’t just exclusive to Chinese New Year of course, as being the Importer, you are ultimately responsible for providing these documents to our customs department for clearance as soon as possible and a minimum of a week in advance to avoid potential for any costly delays. We will do our best to assist in providing feedback should they be incorrect or invalid and where possible, help to obtain or intervene with your supplier following your agreement, however please note that we cannot be held liable for any extra costs as a result of late documentation. Please do contact our office if you need assistance or further clarification and thank you in advance for your support.

Did you know that Transitainer WA offer Credit Card payment services?

Did you know that through our ‘FastPay‘ machine and online app, we now offer the option of paying your invoices via credit card? Simply visit our office to make a physical payment, or ask us for a copy of our credit card authorization form and our accounts team can process the payment on your behalf. Please note that credit card payments do incur a 2.6% processing fee, however have found many clients to enjoy the added convenience of this option. If you have any questions or if you wish to process a payment using this method, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

 Reminder Chinese New Year 

Chinese New Year in 2018 is on Friday, the 16th of February (16/2/2018).

Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival” in modern Mainland China, is China’s most important traditional festival, celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar, which consists of both Gregorian and lunar-solar calendar systems. Chinese New Year can begin anytime between late January and mid-February.

China’s Spring Festival public holiday starts on the Chinese New Year, and lasts for 7 days.

We urge all customers to ensure they are prepared by having the  correct documentation issued from suppliers prior to factory closures.

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to Lawson Thomas, the son of our very own Kelly Thomas, your loyal customer Service representative, who competed in the Taj Burrows Small Fries Surf Competition In Yallingup over the recent weekend, 27-28th January and placed a fantastic second!!

This was no easy acheivement and an epic milestone, especially when competing against some very well know talent from QLD, NSW and even Brazil.

Under 12s Runner Up


We wish Lawson all the best with his Surfing and can see an amazing future for this talented young Surfer. You can follow his progress via his Instagram page and YouTube Channel which was assembled with the support of his older brother Kai and proud parents, Kelly and Brad. If you are a local City of Melville resident, we have it on good advice from a little birdy who advised us to check out the coming local newspaper.

Crossing for a Cause!


The count down is on!! With a little less than 2 months to go, we again want to draw your attention to Neil’s Crossing For A Cause. Nei’s official departure date is March 25th, where he will be leaving from Perth to head to his first stop – Kellerberrin. Neil, who llives with type 1 diabetes himself, aims to ride from Perth to Sydney, solo and unsupported in 20 days or less, folllowing a very strict low carbohydrate dietary regime he uses to successfully manage his type 1 diabetes. Neil is also raising funds for the Telethon Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre and the official fundraising ‘Everyday Hero’ page is now open.  Please follow the link and help support this great cause by sending a donation, which is deposited directly to the centre.

You can also follow Neil’s progress via his website and Facebook page!